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30 October 2022

Carbon-free oil” - an absurd claim? I don’t trust this, I still want all fossil fuels gone from our economies, but there are interesting ideas in this "Zero" podcast (Bloomberg) episode. For transitioning perhaps?

Two scary UN reports came out recently: the gaps between countries’ emission reduction pledges and action shows no credible pathway to 1.5°, driving the world close to irreversible climate breakdown.

On the other other hand, there’s a lengthy feature 'Beyond Catastrophe' in the NY Times about positive developments (if you can call a prospect of a future short of true climate apocalypse positive).

So where does this leave us? Head over to the Ecotopian blog for some thoughts on how to deal with this ambivalence.

I’ll close today with a reading recommendation: Earth4All, a follow-up publication to the Club of Rome’s 1972 “End of Growth” report, shows a very clear, challenging but achievable path towards a liveable future.


25 September 2022

Brandalism and subvertising – two new favourites in my eco vocab. Here: targeting the airline industry. "Ruinair"? Brilliant!

What with all the (urgently needed) climate disaster noise, I always appreciate Johan Rockström’s calm scientific approach. Check out his summary in the Times of the Exponential Roadmap for Natural Climate Solutions.

Bravo Denmark: €100m for a fund to cover losses and damages in poor countries suffering from climate crisis fall-out. Keep your eyes open for discussions about this at COP27 in Egypt. PS I see € 100m as an equivalent of 10-15 villas for really rich people.

The world’s biggest wealth fund pushes for net zero targets from its clients, including Big Oil. Not sure that’s good enough ('push', 'target', I simply see greenwashing everywhere these days). Still, it’s a signal that can be used and amplified.


29 May 2022

So Cannes is done, and they claim they made the festival itself eco-friendlier. Did they? Let me know. The ‘prix ecoprod’, awarded for the first time for the most eco-conscious production, went to the Tunisian film ‘Under the Fig Trees’.

A great opportunity for screenwriters: the NRDC, the Black List and the Redford Center offer substantial financial support and mentorship to scripts (feature or TV pilot) with new perspectives on climate change.

The WWF runs a really cool campaign on NFAs, Non Fungible Animals: aucitoning off NFTs to acquire art depicting critically endangered species. One token per animal left. All money received goes into conservation. Do take a moment to watch this.

I'll close with this appeal by UN SG Antonio Guterres, delivered to graduates at Seton Hall university: 'do not work for climate wreckers'. And you can do that even after working for them for 11 years, as this Shell safety consultant did. Way to go.

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