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Here’s what popped up on my screen this past week. See if you find some inspiration for your next Climate Warrior Story! And do send stuff my way to include here, either via the contacts page or in the Facebook group, or tag me on Twitter or Instagram, @VeraMark2010 or @The_Ecoptopian.

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16-23 January

My top pick: US scientists help Afghan colleagues to escape the Taliban, a thrilling and heart-warming story of not giving up. An hour totally worth your time. Not strictly a climate story, but it has all you need to rewrite it into one.

The 2022 Doomsday Clock is set, yet again, at 100 seconds to midnight. In their video announcement, all speakers identified MISINFORMATION as the biggest danger. Watch it here - not for the doom but for info and for @Hank Green’s power speech. #TurnBackTheClock

To balance the doom, check out this competition for positive, solution-oriented short stories. Deadline 21 Feb. Aim: go beyond preaching to the converted.

In case you missed it - new blog post on why we need to speed up the climate crisis. In our stories, at least.

Finally, a reminder about the free NRDC / Sundance event on ‘Rewriting the Future’ this coming Thursday. Do sign up, it’ll be worth it.


10-15 January

THIS. Ben Okri on creative existentialism and re-dreaming society. Not exactly cheerful, but urgent, beautiful and wise - something to re-read over and over. PLEASE SHARE.

This, on the other hand, IS cheerful and brilliant: bees reduce human-elephant conflict. BTW an entertainment giant is involved.

Another THIS: the second session of NRDC’s Rewrite the Future initiative at the Sundance Film Festival, 27 January. It's free - what’re you waiting for?

Finally for this week, I discovered another great podcast: Hot Talks (Amy Westervelt is part of the team, if that name rings a bell). I recommend starting with this ep from Feb 21 about ’both-side-ism’.


3-9 January 2022

Should one still engage with fossil fuel companies at all? In this episode of Outrage & Optimism, Head of Greenpeace Jennifer Morgen says ’no’. Take away their social licence.

Greenwashing protects business as usual - so have your protagonist expose it! In real life, Client Earth is launching legal complaints against misleading PR campaigns.

All lot of greenwashing claims to head for ’net zero’, which is a very complex and often misunderstood (and mis-used) concept, so treat it with caution. I’ll try to put up some info in the ‘Resources and Links’ section soon.

Speaking of  'exposing', check out OCCPR. Not specifically climate-focused, but dedicated and deeply passionate investigative journalism. Hugely important work and plenty of story material.

Finally, take a moment to think about this, from XR on Instagram: Ruthless compassion leads to radical hope. How can you shape your stories around that? And from hope to action?