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A brief tale of seduction and consequences.

Genre: Dark comedy; short film.


Written and directed by Vera Mark

Produced by Vera Mark and Leo Dorian Stiebeling

DP & editing: Leo Dorian Stiebeling

Leading cast: Sara Jones, PJ Escobio


In a year where the festival circuit was turned upside down by Covid-19, Blue Widow had its long-awaited premiere at the Long Beach International Film Festival on Long Island, New York in December 2020. 

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In a small act of courage and kindness, a boy saves an injured butterfly. The spirit of the ethereal creature – ‘Psykhe’, the Greek word for soul – accompanies him throughout his life, through good times and bad, until their story comes full circle.


  • Camgaroo Award 2020: short film, emotions category

  • British Screenwriters’ Awards 2015: ‘Best Script’, Create50 category


Genre: Drama/uplifting; short film.


Written by Vera Mark

Directed by Joshua J. Krull

Producer: Victor Schwarz

Co-Producers: Joshua J. Krull and Michael Stadler

DP: Alexander Kohn



R vs Martin Smith

R vs Martin Smith

Soon to be published:
Beyond Planck’s Wall - a collection of short stories from sci-fi to supernatural. There be ghosts out there…

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Published as a part of the Singularity50 Science Fiction Anthology, the short story R vs Martin Smith asks whether Artificial Intelligence is capable of empathy.

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To read the scripts listed here, just send a request via the contact page. In addition to these, I also have an ever-growing pile of short scripts, all available for producing, and am working on the show bible for an Ecotopian TV series.

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