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You have a story you want to tell. Better yet, a story you need to tell. But you’re not quite sure about structure, format, or genre conventions; you have questions about pacing or tone; or you want language support. Whether you write for screen or prose, long or short form, I will help you connect with your audience. Consider me your story doula.

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Script editing and script notes

My goal is to help you write the best script you can, whether it's a short, a feature or a TV pilot. To this end, I will assess your draft(s), looking at structure, character, genre, theme and craft.

  • I will read your script and provide notes in a report (written or audio), followed by a 1-hour online meeting. This can be extended and adapted to your individual needs, including work on loglines, pitching materials etc.

  • Whatever input I offer, whether on craft, story, or business, these are always just suggestions. You choose what to use and what to discard, and you own the results.

"Vera brings a golden mix of honesty, expertise and empathy to her work. Her curiosity and her passion for screenwriting really comes through when she gives advice based on her vast knowledge and in-depth expertise. I will be sure to turn to her services as a ‘script doula’ again for all my scripts!"

-- Marie Förster, actor and screenwriter


Screen story development and script coaching

Whether it’s a film treatment or a show bible for TV, long form or short, I will help you develop story lines and characters, balance sub-plots or episodes, and be clear and consistent in tone. We can work together for 3 weeks or 6 months - all tailored to your individual requirements. 

  • These development services are offered specifically for emerging writers, or creatives from other areas who want to cross over into screenwriting.

  • Whatever input I offer, whether on craft, story, or language, these are always just suggestions. You choose what to use and what to discard, and you own the results.

"Working with Vera on the treatment for my TV show was very productive and great fun - she helped me pat my story into shape, relentlessly asking questions about structure and characters and going beyond her remit, offering tons of support by drawing on her impressive industry network."

-- Leo Dorian Stiebeling, directing cinematographer



I can help you develop your novel and coach you on the journey to bringing your ideas to life.

  • If you already have a finished manuscript, I will assess its strengths and weaknesses and suggest ways to improve it.

  • I can provide language support, from proofreading to questions of grammar and syntax, especially if English is not your native language.

  • If you're thinking of adapting your prose to screen, I will work with you both on story and on craft level.

"Vera is an excellent editor. She polished my work with dedication, efficiently and in detail. It was such an enrichment to work with her, I will certainly contact her again for my next project."

-- Marina Vidal de Ritter, fantasy author

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