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‘Culture will eat strategy for breakfast.’


I heard this during Stacy Abram's election campaign, and it immediately clicked. This planet is trundling towards a future uninhabitable for humans, so we need political and corporate strategies to adapt and avoid the worst. But perhaps even more, we need culture to buoy up our spirits and change our hearts and minds.

That’s what this page is all about. Not Utopia (that boat has sailed), not Dystopia (too depressing), but Ecotopia: let's tell stories that inspire people to get engaged, for the planet and for our children's future.

From awareness to action - I invite you to participate in the exchange!

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Ecotopia's brain: thoughts on how, as writers and filmmakers,

we can bring about changes in our audience’s behaviour,

from shifting to reusables to engaging in politics. I want

to highlight action being taken and invite ideas for more.

Guest posts are welcome! 

Ecotopia's beating heart: a seedbed for meetings of minds

and discussions, for exchanging information and ideas,

and for starting projects and collaborations.

Join the tribe of Climate Creatives!

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Ecotopia’s library: background information on climate science and political processes, suggestions who to follow on social media and which podcasts to listen to. Additions are welcome - this is work in progress!

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