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Websites & Facebook Groups: This is a list of organisations, programmes and initiatives that specifically target ‘green filmmaking’. If you know of others in the arts & entertainment sector, send them my way! NRDC’s Rewrite the Future initiative boldly claims that they ‘Help Hollywood Take on the Climate Crisis’. Check out their link to a panel from the 2021 Sundance Festival about how storytelling can help bring about change - and let’s help them deliver! The Black List recently partnered with them and The Redford Center in a Climate Writing Fellowship; applications are closed for this year but hopefully this scheme will run in future years as well. Climate Crisis Hub. I still need to check this site out properly, but if it does what it says on the tin, I’m in: ‘An all-in-one hub for climate content with powerful films, tangible actions, real interactivity, and the most exciting directory of climate projects out there!’ There are funds and programmes for ‘green’ filmmaking, and initiatives and tools that help keep the lid on your production’s carbon footprint, for example the carbon calculator developed by EurecaFilm and the EU’s GreenScreen initiative. You can make choices that keep your own emissions in a production low, or offset them by planting trees, such as my fellow screenwriter Matt Croft’s Next Scene Films does or work with initiatives like GreenEyes Production outfit. Over in my blog, I propose that we make ‘green behaviour’, creative climate activism, part of our storytelling DNA. The outfits linked here show how it can also become part of our filmmaking DNA. The GreenFilm.pro group on Facebook is German but has a lot of English-language content. Also on FB: Filmmakers for Future and the Green Production Guide.
And, of course, The_Ecotopian is on FB as well - that’s the group I hope we will shape together - see also the ‘Join the Exchange’ page, one level up!

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I am giving Twitter handles here, but many of these accounts have the same or similar handles on Facebook or Instagram. This is a personal selection; I am happy to say there are many, many more out there. Just don’t go down too many rabbit holes - produce your own climate content! Social Media - Climate, social justice and solutions journalism: @Bill McKibben, @GeorgeMonbiot, @insideclimate, @grist, @EndClimtSilence, @GlobalOptimism, @soljourno, @ensiamedia - Arts & entertainment: @GreenEyesFilms, @CultureDeclares, @libraryofchange - Climate activism: @350 (and numerous national sub-sections), @honortheearth (very active on Instagram), @stopthemoneypipeline, @GlblCtzn and, of course, numerous Extinction Rebellion groups and @GretaThunberg - And last, but definitely not least, my personal climate hero: @CFigueres, one of the architects of the Paris Climate Accord (see also the ‘Outrage and Optimism’ podcast).


Podcasts There’s plenty out there, but I want to start with these three. If you have a favourite climate-related podcast, or an episode of a film/book-related pod that addresses issues of climate fiction, greenwriting, creatives’ activism etc … let me know! Outrage and Optimism My absolute # 1. Great for political, financial and scientific information about the climate crisis and how to fight it - and also great entertainment value. Whenever I feel depressed about the state of this planet, I start an ep and am guaranteed, within a few minutes, to be chuckling and finding new inspiration not to give up. Takes a truly global view. Drilled Foundational listening. Tells you what you need to know about Big Oil and Climate Denial, and then some. US-centric; but then that’s the source of much of today’s climate crisis - and of so much potential to turn things around! The Economist: To a Lesser Degree If even the business-oriented, fairly conservative Economist tells us we must pull out of fossil fuel finance, you know the shit is about to hit the fan. A good source of economic arguments and well-presented information. But… it’s the Economist, so you won’t find a call to radical activism there. The Jane Goodall Hopecast A truly great environmentalist talks about the beauty of nature and the hope she holds for mankind. Balm for the soul.

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